Francophone Publications: Bilingual School District Trustees

Below is a summary of the published 1997 article written by Yvette Mahé.  A PDF version of the article has been posted below for your convenience.  Please observe the copyright notice, thank you.

Bilingual school district trustees Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation, 9 (1), 65-82.
Francophone elites saw trustees who managed small public schools in French-speaking communities as a key source of cultural continuity. However, when trustees tried to satisfy the French community’s linguistic and cultural demands, they were faced with constraints imposed by the dominant English-speaking government officials. By studying bilingual school trustees’ experiences in Alberta before 1940, one acquires a sense of how unequal power relations are produced and reproduced in the education system, and how a dominant group’s cultural knowledge becomes socially legitimated.

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