Francophone Publications: Bilingual School Teachers

Below is a summary of the published 2000 article written by Yvette Mahé.  A PDF version of the article has been posted below for your convenience.  Please observe the copyright notice, thank you.

Bilingual school teachers 1940Mahé, Yvette T.M. (2000) Bilingual school teachers’ cultural mission and practices in Alberta before 1940. Journal of Educational Thought/Revue de la pensée éducative, 34 (2), 135-163.

This socio-historical paper explores how bilingual school teachers in the past responded to competing Francophone and Anglophone ideological cultural reproduction discourses in their curriculum practices.  An in-depth study of the cultural curriculum of 265 teachers who taught in public schools in French-speaking communities in Alberta during the period 1934 to 1939 sheds some light on how the exercise of power can influence teachers’ decisions to either give legitimacy or resist reproducing in their classrooms certain forms of knowledge and cultural orientations.

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