Francophone Publications La Survivance

Below is a summary of the published 2004 article written by Yvette Mahé.  A PDF version of the article has been posted below for your convenience.  Please observe the copyright notice, thank you.

francophone publicationsMahé, Yvette T. M. (2004) “La Survivance” discourses and the curriculum in French-speaking communities in North America, 1840-1960. Journal of Educational Thought/Revue de la pensée éducative, 38 (2), 183-207.

A comparative study of the cultural resistance curriculum artfully integrated in the English Program of Studies by patriotic teachers who taught in Franco-American and Canadian bilingual schools before 1960 disclosed that the French curriculum was based on the Quebec Program of Studies. “La survivance” discourses concealed in the French textbooks were founded on a defensive form of nationalism which blended language and faith and were designed to incite young Francophones to continue their ancestors battles for linguistic, religious, and educational rights.

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