Francophone Publications: Écoles Bilingues de l’Alberta

Below is a summary of the published 1993 article written by Yvette Mahé.  A PDF version of the article has been posted below for your convenience.  Please observe the copyright notice, thank you.

Francophone Publications: Écoles Bilingues de l'AlbertaMahé, Yvette T. M. (1993) L’idéologie, le curriculum et les enseignants des écoles bilingues de l’Alberta, 1892-1992. The Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes, 49 (4), 687-703.

The abolition of the dual system of education in the North-west Territories in 1892 threatened the cultural survival of Alberta’s francophone population.  In order to counteract the anglo-conformity goals of the official program of studies and to give some legitimacy to their language and culture in the bilingual schools, the francophones developed a hidden curriculum.  This article describes how the ideological content of the hidden curriculum evolved as a result of changes in the laws governing the teaching of French and modifications made to the official program of studies.

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