Canadian Francophone Education

Below is the academic profile of one of Canada’s leading experts in the history of Francophone education, Yvette Mahé PhD.fracophone education in western canada


The responsibilities of a professor include scholarship (see publications and conferences), teaching and service.


During my 30 years as a Professor of Education at Faculty St. Jean, University of Alberta, I taught social studies curriculum and methodology courses, educational foundation courses, and history of education courses at the undergraduate level. I also supervised student teachers doing their Practicum in bilingual, French immersion and francophone schools.

At the graduate level I was responsible for the teaching of research methodology courses, research seminars, and a variety of optional courses on education and citizenship, and language, culture and identity. I supervised graduate students’ thesis and research projects and sat on a number of thesis committees.


I was Graduate Program Coordinator at Faculty St. Jean for a period of 5 years. During that time I carried out an academic unit review of the faculty’s Graduate Programs and Research on behalf of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (2004-2005).

I sat on numerous committees at Faculty St. Jean such as the faculty evaluation and promotion committees, hiring committees, program revision and development committees, ethics committees, etc. I served as Director of the Research Institute for a period of two years, acted as student counsellor for a period of six years, and was involved in other administrative tasks.

I represented Faculty St. Jean on various University of Alberta committees such as the Association of Academic Staff of the University of Alberta, the Faculty of Education Council, the Faculty of Graduate Studies Council, the Graduate Assistance Policy Committee of the Vice-President, the President’s Advisory Committee (PACCR) and others.
It is important for Professors’ of Education to maintain contact with the teaching profession. I was a member of the Alberta EducationTeacher Evaluation Policy Steering Committee (1991-1993), the Alberta Council on the Importance of Education, Alberta Teachers’ Association (1987-1994), and served as an advisor over the years on numerous Alberta Learning social studies program development and evaluation ad hoc committees. I offered a number of workshops in Edmonton, Calgary and Peace River to assist teachers on teaching social studies in bilingual and French immersion classrooms.

At the national level, I served on the Editorial Board of the Revue des sciences de l’éducation (1993-1997), and I also did peer reviews of articles for other journals. I chaired a number of presentations at learned conferences, and also participated in conference organization committees. I participated in a project on behalf of the Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion whose goal was to identify national criteria for the development of French immersion teacher preparation programs and teacher professional development (1985). I was a member of the Task Force of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council which prepared a report on the funding of research, Report of the Task Force on Research in Education, Ottawa (1983). I was a sub-project coordinator for the Canada Studies Foundation of a larger bilingual project which examined political, economic and social “tensions” in Canadian society (1975-1977).