Francophone Publications: Levasseur-Ouimet

Below is a summary of the published 1999 article written by Yvette Mahé.  Links to the book are avalible below for your convenience.

FrancophoneLevasseur-Ouimet, France; Mahé, Yvette; McMahon, Frank, et Tardif, Claudette. (1999)  L’éducation dans l’Ouest canadien.  Francophonies minoritaires au Canada.  L’état des lieux. Sous la direction de Joseph Yvon Thériault.  Moncton, N.-B. : Les Éditions d’Acadie, Chap.  21, 475-493.

Chapter 21 (out of 25), l’Éducation dans l’Ouest canadien, shows how historical and political events in Western Canada shaped Francophone struggles for linguistic and cultural survival.  The authors make reference to the role of Catholic colleges and convents, and small school districts in the preservation of the French language and culture in the past.  They discuss the importance of the B & B Commission, the Charter of Rights and various court cases on the evolution of French education in the West.

  • This book can be borrowed from the Centre de documentation sur l’étude des adultes et la condition feminine Here
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